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Ciudad de Buenos Aires | Iguazú | Puerto Madryn | Ushuaia | El Calafate | Bariloche


  • Domestic tickets on regular flights by Aerolineas Argentinas, Airport / Hotel / Airport transfers
  • Buenos Aires: 2 night accommodation in “Legado Mitico Hotel” with breakfast.
    Bus Tour along Buenos Aires City.
  • Iguazu: 3 night accommodation in “La Aldea de la Selva Lodge” with breakfast.
    Excursion to Iguazu Falls visiting both, the Argentinean and the Brazilian side.
  • Puerto Madryn: 3 night accommodation in “Territorio hotel” with breakfast.
    Excursion to Punta Tombo with toninas watching and Excursion to Peninsula Valdes with whale watching.
  • Ushuaia: 3 night accommodation in “Los Cauquenes Hotel” with breakfast.
    Excursion to Lago Fagnano off road 4X4 with box lunch.
  • Calafate:3 night accommodation in “Hostería Los Sauces” with breakfast.
    Excursion to Perito Moreno Glacier bridges.
  • Bariloche: 3 night accommodation in “Charming Hotel” with breakfast.
    Excursion: trekking to “Cascada de los Cesares”
  • Buenos Aires : 2 night accommodation in “Legado Mitico Hotel” with breakfast. And Tango Show Dinner.

“Argentina is a country with wild and wonderful landscapes. With an European influence, above all, in Buenos Aires City.

In this tour you could have a great experience staying in nice boutique hotels selected specially, discovering the best Patagonian places, as the spectacular Perito Moreno Glacier, high mountains, transparent lakes, unique whales, plus the breathtaking Iguazú falls in the northeast”.

Day 1: Europe/Buenos Aires

With the south cross as a guide, you fly over the Atlantic Ocean to have an unforgettable experience in Argentina, with its incredible scenery and wild nature. Enjoy your quiet flight over the ocean to take a rest, and to prepare for what comes next.

Day 2: Marvellous Buenos Aires

The tourist bus “Buenos Aires Bus” lets you discover the great city located on the River of La Plata. Buenos Aires captures her visitors at first sight, specially its numerous cultural options.

Highlight: “La Reina del Plata”, as it was referred to in tango, casts a spell on guests. Theaters, restaurants, cinemas, bars and coffee shops allow you to discover Buenos Aires’s identity.

Near the city, you can find different lifestyles. On a special country day, you can be indulged with famous “asado criollo” and a typical horse shows as a part of the “fiesta gaucha”. In short, an option you can not miss

Day 3: Buenos Aires / Iguazu

In Iguazu, nature offers you an unforgettable sight. 900 meters of bridges over Rio Iguazu, and the breathtaking Iguazú falls will astonish you.

Day 4: Iguazú / “Garganta del Diablo” or Throat of the Devil

On the “Jungle Train” you begin the ride to the heart of the Iguazu falls. A walk through the passages will allow you to walk among the waterfalls till you reach the “Garganta del Diablo”. The possibility of having a baptism by these spraying waters, on a short trip by boat, is an optional excursion very difficult to resist!

Day 5: Brazilian falls

Enjoy the Iguazú falls from the Brazilian side through 900 meters of passages.

Day 6: Iguazú / Puerto Madryn

A very short flight from Iguazú to Buenos Aires allows you to reach Trelew city, where you begin one of the most surprising adventures: the sightseeing of watching the Franca Austral Whales in the warm waters of the Golfo Nuevo in front of Puerto Madryn.

Day 7: Puerto Madryn, adventure in the Peninsula

A boat takes you from Puerto Piramides to the blue deep waters of Mar Argentino, where from July to December the whales arrive to procreate and take care of their little ones.

Day 8: Puerto Madryn, penguins

You can observe the big colony of Magallanes penguins in Puerto Madryn, that concentrate in the Patagonic coast from October to March, these are one of the treasures that you can enjoy in the excursion to Punta Tombo.

Day 9: Puerto Madryn / Ushuaia

A very short flight from Iguazú to Ushuaia allow you to reach the most southern place in the world: Ushuaia, a treat to enjoy throughout the year.

Day 10: Ushuaia, Fagnano Lake off road

The excursion to Fagnano Lake on special 4X4 off road trucks, from Ushuaia city traveling across the Southern Andes, to Garibaldi lake to taste some delicious grilled beef.

Day 11: Ushuaia, free day

There are several alternatives to enjoy your free day: the marvelous excursion to the Tierra del Fuego National Park, or a visit the uninhabited Gable Isle, or -only in winter- a sledge tour pulled by special dogs (huskies).

Day 12: Ushuaia – Calafate

The Glacier air touches your face softly as soon as you get off the plane bringing you from Ushuaia. You arrive in El Calafate city, the access to the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Day 13: Calafate – Perito Moreno Glacier

You reach the glacier walking along the bridges that let you contemplate the magnificent view of the glacier. It is a soundless white river, with blue tones that wait patiently to fall into the “Argentino Lake”.

Day 14: Calafate - free day

This region offers lots of options to enjoy The Glaciers National Park.

Day 15: Calafate / Bariloche

A very short flight from Calafate allow you to reach one of the most beautiful mountain villages: San Carlos de Bariloche on the Nahuel Huapi Lake.

Day 16: Bariloche, adventure on the island

Sailing trough the picturesque Nahuel Huapi Lake you reach Isla Victoria and a dreaming forest of arrayanes trees. This trip begins at “Puerto Pañuelo”, 25 km. from the city, sailing on a very modern boat.

Day 17: Bariloche

On a rented car you can become your own guide, appreciating places that otherwise you would not be able to see. Villa La Angostura captivates you with its amazing little port, and with its Andes architecture.

Day 18: Bariloche – Buenos Aires

The plane brings you back to Buenos Aires. Our package includes a tango show dinner to discover the secrets of the most famous Argentine dance.

Day 19: Buenos Aires, last day

Along your trip you have visited the most marvelous regions of this planet. Ezeiza airport is your last stop before boarding your international flight.

End of our services.

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