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Useful Data - Argentina

Argentina is a land of contrasts with an incredible natural beauty, wildlife, exciting adventure, also a place where you feel History alive all around.

Its wide variety of ecosystems is reflected on the great number of activities that can be enjoyed throughout the country. Each location offers you a range of opportunities to enjoy in close contact with nature, its challenges and secrets, and surrounded by landscapes that make you feel like a discoverer.

You can visit the amazing Iguazu Falls and the impressive Perito Moreno Glacier, trek in Patagonia, taste delicious wines in Cafayate or Mendoza and dance tango in Buenos Aires.

Argentina offers an array of possibilities for you to enjoy in each region of our country:


  • Buenos Aires city:

    Is one of the world’s biggest cities in South America. It is also the most elegant and active city in Argentina. Visitors feel fascinated by its environment, because all of its neighbourhoods have different personalities, furthermore, the people are warm and there is a wide range of shopping and cultural proposals.

    Buenos Aires is surrounded by the splendid Argentine nature and it is the great cosmopolitan door to South America.

    Above all, Buenos Aires is best known for tango, so enjoying a traditional dinner-tango show is something you can not miss!!

    The Province of Buenos Aires invites you to the countryside and its traditions, the delta and its mysteries. There are “estancias” (large cattle ranches) featuring a great deal of architectural styles, located in the middle of the Pampa Plains— a magical vast area of far-off horizons, where you may breathe history and customs all around.

    Places of interest:

      The Mayo Square or "La Plaza de Mayo" (with Block of the lights or "Manzana de las luces", Town Council or "Cabildo", and Metropolitan Cathedral)
      Mayo Avenue (with National Congress, Tortoni Coffee, and Barolo Passage)
      Recoleta Neigbourhood (with Recoleta´s Cementry)
      La Boca and its famous Caminito street
      Corrientes Avenue (with Colón Theatre and the Obelisco)
      San Telmo Neigbourhood

  • Iguazú:

    In the northeast, you will visit Iguazu Falls, one of the most breathtaking sights around the world. This is a region of large rivers, humid tropics, red earth, magnificent forest, a virgin forest full of huge trees and extraordinary flora and fauna. A scenery of exuberant beauty spreading along the Iguazú National Park, where the deep flowing waters of the river fall from a height of 70 metres. The frontier with Brazil goes through the “Garganta del Diablo” (Devil's Throat), where the falling water gives the illusion of magic rainbows. The National Park is full of the exotic subtropical vegetation and has 2,000 plant species (huge trees, ferns, lianas, orchids), and 400 bird species (parrots, hummingbirds, toucans), jaguars and yacarés (caimans). The Argentine side of Iguazu Falls is where you will get up close with the falls, and in the Brazilian side you could appreciate the best panoramic views and landscapes of the falls.

    Places of interest:
      Iguazú National Park
      The Iguzú forest
      Macuco's Path
      Ecologic Train of the Jungle
      Cultural and Adventure Tourism

  • El Calafate:

    Glaciers and trekking. The Perito Moreno Glacier is a must-see in Argentina. Together with twelve other glaciers it is part of one of the largest sliding masses of ice and snow in The Glaciers National Park.

    This glacier has a front wall of 5 Km long. At any time during the year, chunks of ice can constantly be seen collapsing and shattering into multiple floes. It can be reached from El Calafate, 80 Km away.

    The Perito Moreno Glacier can be watched from footbridges right in front of it, or from trip boats that come close to its walls. Going inside the glacier is an unforgettable experience, as well as taking walks on it and into the moraine, exploring caverns, drains and ice caves.

  • Places of interest

      The Calafate
      Perito Moreno Glacier
      The Glaciers National Park
      Argentinean Lake
      The Chalten - Mount Fitz Roy

  • Bariloche:

    Maybe in few places in the world, the four stations are as marked for intense colors as in Bariloche, located to the feet of the Mountain range of Andes Patagonicos, inside the Nahuel Huapi NationalPark
    As would make it a painter with their palette, this way the nature expresse the step of the time in this charming place:
    - In summer, the blue of the lake Nahuel Huapi, the wide range of green of the forests, and the multicolored tone of the wild flowers glitters in the hot afternoons.
    - When the autumn arrives, the poplars acquire the tonality of the sun, and the red lengas are mingled with the intense colors of the autochthonous trees.
    - Already in winter, the white deploys its immense power and the silent snow transforms the landscape.
    - In the proximity of the spring, red tulips and yellow brooms announce the arrival of all the flowers with their symphony of scents that invade the roads. Bariloche is not alone a spring of panoramic views and a constant encounter with the natural beauty, is also a hearth of races and distant cultures
    Bariloche is an active tourist city, of incredible beauty natural and obsessive respect for the tradition.
    The production of exquisite chocolates that are marketed in the entire world acts as a distinctive sign of this city.
    For who arrive of the tumult of the great city of the capital, still preserve the idiosyncrasy of a mountain town. Still in its roads you will breathe pure air and the lake confronts us with the immensity from any point of the city. To walk for the paths of the forests continues being a wonderful experience to be to alone with oneself and in harmony with the nature, far from the stress and the contamination of the big cities.
    It is the entrance door to the park National Nahuel Huapi, with fantastic landscapes of lakes, forests and snowed summits.
    Navigating for their lake you arrives at the Isla Victoria, to the Forest of Arrayanes and Puerto Blest, and it is the city that offers us the best possibilities to make trekking, mountain bike, andinismo in their hills, rafting, canotaje, salmónidos fishing and for the ski lovers, the Center Winter Cerro Catedral.

  • Places of interest
      ◦Cerro Tronador and Los Alerces Cascade
      ◦Short Circuit
      ◦Big Circuit

      La Angostura Village
      ◦ Victoria Island and Arrayanes Forest
      ◦Cerro Catedral
      ◦Circuit Seven Lakes

      San Martín de los Andes
      Places of interest:
      ◦ Lanín National Park
      ◦Cerro Chapelco

      Villa la Angostura
      Places of interest:
      ◦Arrayanes Forest
      ◦Center of Ski Cerro Bayo

  • Ushuaia:

    Ushuaia, the end of the world, is the most southern city in the world, and the Capital of the Province of “Tierra del Fuego”.

    Every season of the year has its charm. Winter, opens up an endless number of possibilities, as cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, trekking with snow-shoes or rides on sledge-dogs.

    In the fall, the colours of the mountains became yellow, orange, red and green with the tops all in white.

    In summer, the climate is ideal for trekking and adventure sports, and for joining an expedition to the White Continent, the Antartica. They are both an open door to the immense solitude of its mystery.

    Places of interest
      Tierra del Fuego National Park
      "End of the world" Museum
      End of the World's Train
      Popular Sarmiento's library
      Estancia Haberton
      Escondido and Fagnano Lakes
      Beagle Channel

  • Puerto Madryn:

    Puerto Madryn and Peninsula Valdés, Imposing mammals and sea birds go through some rough seasons on the Patagonian coasts where they spend part of their life cycle.

    Colonies of sea lions play and rest on small islands and sandbars.

    Southern elephant seals have their greatest continental station in the world on Península Valdés.

    The Southern Right Whale punctually gets there for giving birth and breeding, and in Punta Tombo the largest colony of Maguellanic penguins nests. The amazed look of the visitor beholds this cadence that has been repeating itself since time immemorial.

  • Places of interest
      Puerto Madryn
      Península Valdéswith whale whatching
      Punta Tombo with its largest colony of Maguellanic penguins

  • Noroeste Argentino:

    The Northwest region offers landscapes with contrasting features for you to enjoy, from the high peaks to the plains, the salt pans, and the subtropical rain forests, where Latin American culture took root.

    Northern provinces include traces of pre-Columbian cultures, mingled with ruins of native villages, as well as forts and constructions dating back to the time of the Conquest and Colonization.

    Time seems to stand still in the high plateau of the Puna, a land full of mountain ranges, steep mountain paths, and gorges. Villages have been built in the small valleys. Multi-coloured and monochromatic hills covered with huge cactuses on the slopes surrounding the village.

    “Quebrada de Humahuaca” (Humahuaca Gorge), one of the most beautiful towns in this region is Purmamarca, an indigenous little village surrounded by the “Cerro de los Siete Colores” (Hill of the Seven Colors), which, on its colourful strata, reflects the different geological ages.
    Further North, in Maimará, you will come across "La Paleta del Pintor" (The Painter's Palette), a stretch of land where mountains are "painted” with fringes of different colours. One of the main attractions in this gorge is the Pucará of Tilcara, a pre-Columbian fortified city built by the Native American Omaguaca people.
    Humahuaca was founded by the end of the 16th Century. Its church and the Regional Folkloric Museum provide a complex overview on the uses and customs of the region. Humahuaca Gorge, was declared World Cultural Landscape by UNESCO on July 2, 2003.

  • Places of Interest
      MAAM Museum in Salta
      Salta´s Cathedral
      Train to the Clouds
      Calchaquí Valleys
      Quilmes Ruins

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